Martial Arts
Posted By Matthew

Welcome to New Site Partner!

Hello everyone! I'd like to take a brief time out from the usual content to extend a special thanks to Karatemart Martial Arts Supplies. They have been kind enough to join IkigaiWay as a site sponsor.

IkigaiWay only teams up with other online resources that are specifically useful to readers. Karatemart is an excellent new addition as it provides top deals on all sorts of martial arts equipment.

When navigating to Karatemart the first thing you'll notice is their daily price cuts. These are special reductions on equipment ranging from fun games to serious weapons. You never know what bargain you might stumble across, so it's great to check back form time to time just to see.

The quality of the products throughout the site range from toylike to high test, depending on your needs. The variety is also highly useful, helping visitors find the right style for their particular training.

Karatemart's biggest claim to fame has been their customer service and shipping policies. They have received top marks in helping customers navigate the ordering process, answering questions and willingly assisting in whatever way they can. After a customer has found the right product and placed their order, Karatemart attempts to conduct same-day-shipping at no extra cost. All orders over $60 receive free shipping, resulting in a fast and inexpensive shopping experience.

For individuals looking to score some free swag, the Karatemart facebok page is the place to be. Karatemart conducts weekly giveaways based on customers supplying their order ID #. The odds of winning are pretty good, so shopping at Karatemart can pay dividends even after your purchase.

Keeping a site like IkigaiWay up and running can be costly, both in terms of resources and time. It's thanks to companies like Karatemart and readers like yourself who visit them that allow me to keep doing what I'm doing. So give em a click, and I'll see you soon with more articles and videos!

P.S. They have a fun 'weird weapons' section: