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Posted By Matthew

IkigaiWay Shirts Now Available!

Over the past two months I've had the opportunity to do T-Shirt giveaways thanks to a few generous companies. While people enjoyed participating in the giveaways, they kept asking me "how do I get a shirt if I don't win?"

I didn't have an answer because I never focused on IkigaiWay specific products. The T-Shirt situation came about by chance. Of course I was pumped to hear that people were interested in sharing the concept of the website and would enjoy wearing something based on it.

Recently I teamed up with a company called Spreadshirt in order to make IkigaiWay apparel a reality. Spreadshirt is a professional T-Shirt creation company that prints shirts on demand. Through their technology I was able to design the shirts to my specifications and keep the cost relatively low. As a result, IkigaiWay gear is now available in multiple designs, colors, and products.

Browse the Apparel Shop

Thanks to Spreadshirt's imbedding technology, I have the storefront right here on the site. The actual store is hosted and encrypted via Spreadshirt, which means it's as easy and safe to use as Amazon. Ordering a shirt on the site comes with full capability of returns, refunds, and customer service.

ikigaiway martial arts shirts

To access the store, navigate to "ikigai shop" above and you'll notice it on the dropdown. Or just click here – GO TO THE SHOP.

Shirts Available May15th – June15th

This shirt shop is an experiment, so I intend to keep it open for a month. If people seem to enjoy it I will keep it open, otherwise I will close it down. If you'd like a shirt, please place your order within a month.

Get Your Picture Posted!

IkigaiWay has always been a community driven site, but now we get to see it in action! I've dedicated three pages specifically to showing off IkigaiWay members in action:

Grab a shirt, take a picture, and send it to Imagine dozens of pictures from people all over sharing the same message of Budo Spirit!