Here’s to 2010! I’d like to wish everybody a happy new year. I hope you and your family are in good health and good spirits.

Although I’m not a big resolutions guy, I do make a promise to myself every year to try my best to learn and live the martial way as best I can every day. Although I’m bound to have bad days and missteps, I know I’ll be satisfied with my choices as long as  I continue down this path.

As for the website, my resolution is to keep creating the best content and environment for learning as I can. I’ve got a new ebook coming on the near horizon, but i’ll talk more about that in a week or two. In the meantime, thank you for tolerating these posts which have been a bit thinner than I generally like to write.

Have you made any resolutions this year? Or perhaps you have another routine such as myself that you could share?