The Two Spirits of Kobudo

OneĀ  staple of a good movie fight scene is a hero or villain working their way through a myriad of weapons. They might start off with knife, but that will get kicked out of their hand, leaving them defenseless until they grab a nearby pool cue. Once that breaks they eventually find their way to a chair, and so on. You’ll find this classic [...]


Kama – The Sickle of Okinawan Kobudo

Okinawan Kobudo has a diverse array of weapons. Gathered from everyday farming implements (but sometimes not really, shhhh), the Okinawans developed an impressive life protection system through armed combat. The kama, or sickle, is one of the fierce and intimidating weapons they developed. As you probably already guessed, the kama were used [...]

Martial Arts

Taliban vs IRA

This week’s DW post is going to be a little different. Normally I do some research on Sunday and get my post out by Monday night or Tuesday morning. This leaves plenty of time for people to vote on who they think would win before the show airs on Tuesday night. This week the executive powers that be decided to run the last episode of [...]