Spirit Respiration

We often hear about breath control in the martial arts and how important it can be. Proper regulation of exhalation and inhalation can help a practitioner strengthen their technique, defend their body from attack, and center their mind on the objective at hand. Truly breath control is critical to becoming a skilled practitioner. Less talked [...]


The Little Bad Guy In Your Brain

We all have a small piece of real estate in our minds reserved for bad guys, and we drop by for a visit every time we think about carjackings, rough neighborhoods, or the safety of our loved ones.  It’s here we imagine all the unpleasant outcomes and dangers the world has to offer us. This seemingly masochistic piece of human nature [...]

Martial Arts

Was it Anger or Spirit?

We always hear about ‘martial arts spirit’. But what is it? Is it intensity? Is it faith? Is it Anger? What an elusive concept! Consider this clip- Even eclectic guys like Bruce Lee concerned themselves with martial spirit. It’s very universal. If we analyze the above scene from Enter The Dragon, we see that Lee is quite [...]