How to Begin Your Kata Immersion

Kata training is crucial to success in many traditional martial arts. It teaches muscle memory for technique, proper balance, theory of movement, and integration of body, mind, and spirit. Unfortunately, just going through the motions won’t allow you to reap all of the benefits. At its most basic level, kata is a great workout that can [...]


Enhance Your Bunkai – Scenario Thinking

Bunkai is a critical part of traditional kata training. In kata, a person learns a series of techniques strung together to form fighting concepts. Some kata contain many techniques, 30-40, some contain far less. But these techniques are merely a physical exercise if we don’t come to understand what they represent. Bunkai brings us to [...]


Meeting the Mythbusters

I guess there are some perks to being a part-time freelance writer. Also to being a huge nerd. On April 22, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara of Mythbusters came to Penn State Berks and I was there to meet them. PSB (that’s Penn State Berks for those not hip to the lingo) is my alma mater, and by a freak chance I checked their events bulletin [...]

Site News

Welcome to IkigaiWay.com!

Welcome to Ikigai, Blogging the Martial Way! This is a website created by Matthew Apsokardu. The point of this blog will be to offer a unique perspective on the martial arts. We are all at a very interesting time in martial arts history right now. Different styles are polarizing away from each other, yet other styles are being created and [...]