Enhance Your Bunkai – Scenario Thinking

Bunkai is a critical part of traditional kata training. In kata, a person learns a series of techniques strung together to form fighting concepts. Some kata contain many techniques, 30-40, some contain far less. But these techniques are merely a physical exercise if we don’t come to understand what they represent. Bunkai brings us to [...]


Meeting the Mythbusters

I guess there are some perks to being a part-time freelance writer. Also to being a huge nerd. On April 22, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara of Mythbusters came to Penn State Berks and I was there to meet them. PSB (that’s Penn State Berks for those not hip to the lingo) is my alma mater, and by a freak chance I checked their events bulletin [...]

Site News

Welcome to IkigaiWay.com!

Welcome to Ikigai, Blogging the Martial Way! This is a website created by Matthew Apsokardu. The point of this blog will be to offer a unique perspective on the martial arts. We are all at a very interesting time in martial arts history right now. Different styles are polarizing away from each other, yet other styles are being created and [...]