Martial Arts

Anderson Silva Fights Like Whoa

Mastery often makes a difficult task look easy. Anderson Silva dispatches his opponents fluidly, routinely, and authoritatively. When I watch Anderson Silva fight, I can’t help it – I have to say WHOA! “The Spider” is an MMA fighter for UFC, but comes from a Muay Thai and Jujutsu background. Silva is an amazingly well [...]


Karate on the Beach

I’m fortunate enough to find myself writing this post from Ocean City, Maryland. We are in a hotel called the Marigot and the accommodations have been stellar. During my stay here, I’ve ridden some waves (and been wiped out by some too), eaten some great seafood, and watched a bunch of people from our 11th story balcony. Is there [...]


The Two Deadliest Fists of Karate

This is a big-secret-revealed kind of post. The question – What are the two deadliest fists of karate? Is it the seiken, or two-knuckle fist? That would be a good guess. The seiken is used very heavily in most karate styles and can be an utterly devastating weapon. But that is not one of the two. Is it the shuto, or knife hand? This [...]


Observing Seikichi Odo of Okinawa Kenpo

I never had the chance to personally train with Seikichi Odo Sensei. This is very regrettable. But don’t we all feel that way about those seniors who have passed before us? I bet there are men who Odo Sensei would have loved to train with, but never got the chance. Luckily, I have had the chance to study with excellent instructors who [...]