Martial Arts

The Martial Arts Strip

Common phrases you’ll here for totally-awesome-get-skill-quick programs: “Forget all that bowing and scraping. I’m going to teach you the no-holds-bared, real-deal version of what the martial arts are all about!” “Wanna become a street killer in 6 months? Sign up now for our intensive program that gets rid of [...]

Martial Arts

Rain on a Tin Roof

The other day I was sitting at home, listening to rain bounce off of my tin roof (I live in an old farmhouse). It was clamorous. The rain came down hard and panged in quick succession. Eventually, as the rain hardened even further, I could no longer detect distinct drops; it became an incomprehensible white noise. [...]


How to Choose a Martial Art

Committing to a martial art can be a big hurdle. A lot of people dabble around with the idea, but aren’t sure how to make the leap into an art. Often when people hear I’m a karate guy, they spark up a conversation that goes a little something like this: Person: “Ahh, so you do karate? That’s cool. I always thought about [...]


Inspired By the Skill of Others

The 24th Annual IKKF Training, which took place over this past weekend, is a gathering of students and teachers who seek to share their martial arts and help each other learn. The event is hosted by C. Bruce Heilman, founder of the IKKF, and his wife Ann-Marie Heilman. The thing that makes this training a bit unusual is the attendance of very [...]