Book Review: Black Belt Karate

Hi all.  I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend.  I just wanted to post quickly about a book review I did recently on Chris Thompson’s Black Belt Karate.  I’m one of the “critics” over at BBMReview (Black Belt Mama’s pet project) and did a little write up for it. I’m no end-all-be-all authority on these [...]

Martial Arts

Do You Believe in Chi?

Special thanks goes out to Lizzie for inspiring this post.  In the comments section of my last entry, George Alexander Interview Part 2, Lizzie asked a very simple question:  Do you believe in Chi? Interesting.  Both the question and the wording. Most people have heard of Chi, even if they have only the faintest familiarity with the martial [...]


1-2-3 as 12-3

Kata programming can be a double edged sword.  On one hand, kata shows us techniques that we would otherwise be unable to perform.  Furthermore, kata (much like an onion) contains layers of discovery that are vital to improving in traditional martial arts. On the other hand, it is extraordinarily difficult to unlock those deeper layers, [...]