Martial Arts

Taking Martial Arts to Miami

*I’d like to send a quick thanks to Nathan over at TDA Training for featuring me in his TDA Blitz. He even posted up my logo, which was great.  If you haven’t checked out TDA Training yet (Although you probably have), I recommend it. Top notch stuff. * Last time you heard from me I was reporting on some Elite XC shinanigans.  [...]

Martial Arts

Elite XC Goes Under

I recently learned that mixed martial arts federation Elite XC filed for bankruptcy.  It’s one of those occasions that makes you scratch your chin because it is both surprising and expected. If you’ve heard of Elite XC, it’s probably due to their two main stars: Gina Carano and Kimbo Slice.  These headliners drew a lot [...]


Hey, Show Me Something Karate

Here is a classic problem that every martial artist will run into sooner or later.  If you’ve experienced it already, you probably cringed just reading the title of this post.  If you haven’t…well let’s say you have something to look forward to. There is a strange biological occurrence that happens in people when [...]