Get Rich with Karate

Marge Simpson: “Homer, is this another one of your get rich quick schemes?” Homer Simpson: “No, no…this scheme is SURE to make us rich.  And quick!” One of two things is going to happen in this post – either I’m going to reveal some fantastic money making secrets, or I’m going to use ‘getting [...]


The Little Bad Guy In Your Brain

We all have a small piece of real estate in our minds reserved for bad guys, and we drop by for a visit every time we think about carjackings, rough neighborhoods, or the safety of our loved ones.  It’s here we imagine all the unpleasant outcomes and dangers the world has to offer us. This seemingly masochistic piece of human nature [...]


A New Karate Kid Movie?

Welcome to the land of nothing-is-sacred (aka Hollywood). Word got out that there is a new Karate Kid movie in the works.  This film is projected to be a continuation of the Karate Kid storyline that will “borrow elements” from the originals (as opposed to being a strict remake).  Slated for the lead role is Jaden Smith, 10 year [...]


The Organic Growth of Martial Artists

This is not a recount of personal experience, just an exercise in theory. As martial artists constantly endeavor to increase their knowledge and ability, they make internal connections that hadn’t existed years, days, or even seconds before.  Just as memories and experiences burn new pathways through the psyche, so does every moment [...]

Martial Arts

The Convocation of Combat Arts

Awhile ago I got involved with something called The Convocation of Combat Arts.  This was a forum for martial arts blogs and their readers.  The thing I liked about it was the mature approach that all the participants took to discussion.  There was no childish name calling, trolling, newbie bashing, or any of that nonsense that you experience [...]