How Hard Should You Beat Your Body?

I recently had the chance to watch “Power Training” by Morio Higaonna. Higaonna Sensei is very well known (especially in the west) and is renowned for his severe, Spartan training methods.  Featured in his dvd were different routines and methods one could use to strengthen the body (Hojo Undo). Take a look at this quick video [...]


Jackie Chan as the New Mr. Miyagi

As you might recall, there is a new Karate Kid movie in the works. It was recently announced that Jackie Chan has been slated to play the mentor, aka, Mr. Miyagi. “Jackie Chan is in final negotiations to join the Columbia Pictures remake of “The Karate Kid.”… Set in an exotic Asian locale, the new film will borrow elements [...]


Kata in the Realm of Physical Fitness

Disclaimer: Please do not read, absorb, or look at the above comic. Hello, I would like to talk about kata in a serious and mature fashion. Mainly I want to focus on the use of kata as a valuable resource for physical fitness. Through all the discussions about ‘how good kata is for street combat’ and if it ‘instills warrior [...]


Soft Moves in a Hard World

Karate can be a board breakin, sweat drenchin, spirit shoutin kind of art.  That’s all good stuff, but it’s important to remember that there is a softer side to karate. A yin to the yang, so to speak. Soft techniques are, for some baffling reason, fairly under utilized in karate.  I think it’s because they are less visually [...]


The Gift of Resilient Optimism

No matter how far I veer off course talking about martial arts santas or no-touch-knockouts, I always feel like I have to reign myself back in and ask – why practice martial arts? MA can be costly, taxing, aggravating, tiring, and discouraging.  Why bother with all that racket? I believe one reward is something called resilient optimism. [...]