Tonfa (Tunfa): Weapon of Versatility

Among the ancient kobudo weapons of Okinawa, the bo and nunchaku have attained the most popularity. Despite that, the tonfa (tunfa, tuifa, etc) has maintained a small but loyal following of practitioners. The reason why is the dynamic versatility that the weapon allows. If you’re wondering where the tonfa came from or what it looks like, [...]

Martial Arts

Pirate vs Knight

We’ve experienced some crazy matchups before on Deadliest Warrior, but this one offers a very unique spin. Pirate vs Knight – who will it be? So far your brave host (me!) is 2/2 – two correct picks after two rounds. I selected the Samurai to victory two weeks ago, and the Spartan to come out on top last week. Can I do it [...]

Martial Arts

Things to Come and a Thank You

Hey guys! This will just be a quick post because I’m currently working on a bigger one. More about that later. First things first – some good news! The Ikigai Facebook Page just recently hit 100 fans. Woot! I need to send a big thank you out to everyone who joined and has been contributing to the nice budding community we have [...]