Building and Rebuilding Bunkai

In general, bunkai is seen as a definition. By that I mean, kata represents a word which can then be defined by bunkai. For example: Hypotenuse: the longest side of a right triangle, the side opposite the right angle Block Left: A punch is coming in with the opponent’s right hand and I block with my left arm See the similarity? Using [...]

Martial Arts

The Mafia vs The Yakuza

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……… The game seems to have changed. Gone are the days of predominant hand to hand combat. What we have here is a whole different realm of taking people out. The Mafia vs the Yakuza – not sure which way I’m going to go for this one. I bet on the wrong horse last week (the knight), making me 2/3.  [...]


Demotivational Posters for Martial Artists

It’s friday so I’d like to leave you with something a little fun for the weekend. Have you ever heard of demotivational posters? They are spoofs of the original motivational posters that had impressive pictures and inspirational slogans. Demotivational posters have gotten popular and have even branched out into martial arts. The [...]


Tonfa (Tunfa): Weapon of Versatility

Among the ancient kobudo weapons of Okinawa, the bo and nunchaku have attained the most popularity. Despite that, the tonfa (tunfa, tuifa, etc) has maintained a small but loyal following of practitioners. The reason why is the dynamic versatility that the weapon allows. If you’re wondering where the tonfa came from or what it looks like, [...]