Spirit Respiration

We often hear about breath control in the martial arts and how important it can be. Proper regulation of exhalation and inhalation can help a practitioner strengthen their technique, defend their body from attack, and center their mind on the objective at hand. Truly breath control is critical to becoming a skilled practitioner. Less talked [...]

Martial Arts

William Wallace vs Shaka Zulu

You gotta hand it to the guys at DW, they keep changing things up. This week, instead of general warriors, they have selected two specific individuals – William Wallace vs Shaka Zulu. Let’s take a quick peek into both of these warrior’s histories, and then discuss if a one-on-one of this nature is a smart idea. William Wallace [...]


Nunte Bo – The Okinawan Spear

I recently acquired a new Nunte Bo. This was a very happy occasion. Buying a Nunte Bo is tricky because you have to balance price against quality (not to mention scarcity).  It is relatively impossible to go to one of the big distributors like AWMA or Century and get a lesser known weapon of this nature. Luckily I’ve gotten to know [...]


Hikite – The Withdrawing Hand

Hikite – what a great concept for us to sink our teeth into! I’d like to thank Mike Sherman for asking me a question in class that started a meandering rant that ultimately led to this post. Hikite (te meaning hand, hiki or hikeru meaning drawing in) is a very common aspect of traditional martial arts, especially in karate. Whenever [...]

Martial Arts

Shaolin Monk vs Maori Warrior

After an extended visit to gunville, we are getting back into warriors of antiquity (and I couldn’t be happier about it!) In this week’s episode the Shaolin Monk faces off against the Maori Warrior in an intriguing clash. Where matchups like ninja vs spartan and gladiator vs apache could be easily fit into the ‘strong vs [...]