Martial Arts

Last Call for E-Book Tips

“The Student’s Guide to Surviving a Traditional Dojo” is beginning to enter its final stages. At the end of the ebook, I want to have a collection of tips and advice from all kinds of different practitioners. The topic is: What’s your best piece of advice for surviving long-term martial arts training? You can write [...]

Martial Arts

Taliban vs IRA

This week’s DW post is going to be a little different. Normally I do some research on Sunday and get my post out by Monday night or Tuesday morning. This leaves plenty of time for people to vote on who they think would win before the show airs on Tuesday night. This week the executive powers that be decided to run the last episode of [...]


Spirit Respiration

We often hear about breath control in the martial arts and how important it can be. Proper regulation of exhalation and inhalation can help a practitioner strengthen their technique, defend their body from attack, and center their mind on the objective at hand. Truly breath control is critical to becoming a skilled practitioner. Less talked [...]