Martial Arts

Self Defense Tools

When it comes to self defense tools, I’m not a true expert (I’ve never been zapped by a taser nor have I been sprayed with mace). However I’ve managed to hook up with a team of REAL experts – TBO Tech Self Defense Tools. When dealing with self defense, you never know what situation you’ll find yourself in or what [...]

'Taught me' series


Follow please, the point is at the end: David Bowie. Changes. 1973. * * * David Bowie. Changes. 1990. * * * David Bowie. Changes. 2002. * * * David Bowie is a brilliant artist. He grows and changes with his art as he develops as a human being. It would be easy for him to play this song the same way every time he is in concert. People would [...]


A Welcome Mokuso

Hey everyone! I have some good news today. I am very pleased to announce’s first partner – Mokuso Martial Arts. I’ve been on the lookout for good, quality companies to work with on the site. When I discovered Mokuso I was excited because they place quality at the very top of their priorities. I’ve always [...]


Spear and Katana – Play It!

I need to apologize right off the bat for the time I’m about to steal from you. I’ve had some thick posts lately so I decided to lighten things up with a game. “Spear and Katana” is surprisingly good. Usually these games are rather mindless and get dull quickly, but this one actually involves some skill and strategy. [...]