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Book Review: Street Smart

Neil Martin of the blog Urban Samurai recently released a free e-book entitled Street Smart: A Practical Guide to Dealing with Street Violence. Being a fellow e-book type person, I decided to check it out and see what he had to say. The book is based off of Neil’s training and experience in real life self defense. He takes a pragmatic [...]

Martial Arts

Ask Forrest Morgan

Hey everyone. I’m working on a very exciting project right now. I recently got in contact with Forrest Morgan, author of Living the Martial Way, and he agreed to do an interview for the site. Swish! Mr. Morgan’s book is easily one of the most important martial arts texts I’ve ever read, and I know it has influenced a good [...]


What is Tuite?

A little while ago I wrote an article for issue 5 of Jissen Magazine. In it I gave a brief overview of the main tools a classical karateka has at his/her disposal. I’d like to dip a bit deeper into one of those tools today. Most of us equate karate with the hard blocks and strikes that have made the style famous (was it very fashionable [...]