Diamond Dave’s Ninjy School

Every now and then a video pops up on the internet that is so amazing it hurts my brain. Thanks to Gregory Lehtimaki of the Ikigai Facebook Fan Page, I have a new one to share with you. For your pleasure and education, this is Diamond Dave’s Martial Arts Instructional Video. Please note that he is very serious about his skills, and is [...]

Ebook Contest Winners

Hey all! I’m pleased to bring you the winners of the ebook link-out contest. For those who may be new or unfamiliar with the site, about 2 months ago I released my first free ebook entitled The Student’s Guide to Surviving a Traditional Dojo. In addition to that release, I ran a contest for anyone who reviewed or linked into the [...]

The Art of Standing (or Sitting) There

Martial artists tend to be uniquely attune to the foibles of their body. I, for example, have a finnicky lower back. If I’m not careful with my stretching and prep, I can pull it pretty easily. This isn’t a new problem, just a little piece of my genetic code that didn’t get it quite right. This particular propensity toward [...]

Four Lies and One Martial Arts Fact…

I’ve recently been challenged by Martial Arts Mom and Shang Lee to participate in a meme. I wouldn’t want to disappoint my fellow bloggers or incur their wrath, so here we go – The meme works as follows. You post five things about yourself. Four are untrue. One is true. All are so outlandish, implausible or ridiculous that [...]