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Community Giveaway II Results!

It’s my pleasure to bring Christmas a little early for the readers of If you recall, I initiated a giveaway contest about a month ago. The point of which was very simply to thank all the readers and people that stop by, leave comments, and add their insight into the topics covered here. During these giveaways I am always [...]


Gojushiho Every Day

Neurologists and psychologists suggest that the human brain is designed to pick up on patterns. This tendency helps us make sense of the space around us, and the world in general. It’s also how we arrive at many superstitions and decisions. I buy what the psychologists are selling there. In fact, I like noticing when this phenomena is [...]

Martial Arts

Steven Seagal is……Lawman

Bob Patterson over at Striking Thoughts must be absolutely thrilled. The much anticipated “Lawman” has finally premiered. For those of you not paying constant attention to the activities of Steven Seagal, shame on you. You SHOULD know that he has been working on a new series called Lawman, aired on A&E. In the series Seagal [...]


Thoughts on Footwear

It’s important not to leave your martial arts at the dojo door. All too often the training floor and ‘real life’ serve as different worlds, never touching but allowing people to transition back and forth. The problem with such a separation is that training becomes something abstract. Something that exists while wearing a [...]