Martial Arts

Wabi and Sabi – A Brittle Beauty

In trying to understand the complex mindset and aesthetics of Japanese culture, there are few concepts more critical than Wabi and Sabi. The nature of these terms has driven Japanese artistry and society for centuries, and has caused much confusion and consternation for Westerners. If you study an eastern martial art, especially one that is [...]

Martial Arts

Spear and Katana 2

A few months ago I introduced readers to Spear and Katana, a wicked online flash game that put you in the role of a dueling samurai. I was impressed by the game because it took real strategy to win, and you had to play smart and use good martial arts tactics like distancing and timing. The creator of the game recently reached out to me and [...]


Bring Your Deepest Concerns

Have you ever been brought to a standstill during your training by worry and doubt? Have you ever thought to yourself “ohh no, I’ve found a serious flaw in my system! I think I’d better just keep my mouth shut.” Or perhaps, “I just don’t think this stuff is going to work for me.” If you have, don’t [...]