Sensei: Journey Assistance Program

The meaning of Senseiship (or Sifuship) is an interesting riddle encountered along our martial arts journey. Our presumptions about being a Sensei are generally a combination of what we see from our own instructors, ideas borrowed from books and movies, and what personal convictions we bring into the dojo with us. It’s extremely difficult [...]


Review: Inside Bassai Dai

As long time readers here know, I have a great passion and interest in Bunkai. Bunkai is the application and inspection of meaning in kata, and to me it is as integral as the movements themselves. Recently I got a chance to watch a new work by Charlie Wildish and Keith McKay Cormack entitled “Inside Bassai Dai”. Wildish operates [...]


Ensnaring Tactics with the Nunti

I’d like to share a video exploring the basic ensnaring tactics of the nunti. Within Okinawan kobudo the nunti (or nunte) is a lesser known weapon, but extremely effective. It was the best alternative to a classic spear (which would have raised eyebrows under the weapons bans) and had the added benefits of two manji yoko, which I will [...]