What Are Sai Good For Anyway?

As you may know I help the KD team when it comes to matters of traditional martial arts. It’s a great pleasure because I get to answer questions, talk about weapons and stuff…basically the things us martial arts geeks do anyway. Every now and then we get a question that inspires me to dive a little deeper into the matter and explore [...]


2010 – Lived Once, Ichi-Go

As New Years hits we are presented with a bittersweet moment where we reflect on things past and look forward to the future. What was in 2010 will never be again, for better or worse. A significant part of Budo is coming to grips with mortality and learning how to make decisions, and once made moving forward strongly and bravely so as to better [...]

Martial Arts

3 Holiday Wishes

Hey everyone. It’s that holiday time of year, and with it comes Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, and Robanukah. In honor of each of these fine occasions, I’d like to wish everyone three holiday wishes. Wish #1: May you find a small bit of improvement in your art that galvanizes you to continue. Wish #2: May you balance your [...]


Touch Reflex Joint Locking

I like kicking and punching as much as the next person, but that certainly isn’t the only tool you and I should have as martial artists. To optimize our abilities to defend ourselves and others we need a continuum of abilities that are effective at all ranges. An important part of that continuum is joint locking. In traditional karate [...]