A Note About Kama Wrapping

As I mentioned in the previous video, kama come in many shapes and forms. One thing I didn’t mention though is the matter of kama wrapping. Take a look at these traditional kama: You’ll notice that all of these kama feature wrapping up around the top of the handle. This style is pervasive in classical kobudo but has fallen out [...]


What Are Sai Good For Anyway?

As you may know I help the KD team when it comes to matters of traditional martial arts. It’s a great pleasure because I get to answer questions, talk about weapons and stuff…basically the things us martial arts geeks do anyway. Every now and then we get a question that inspires me to dive a little deeper into the matter and explore [...]


2010 – Lived Once, Ichi-Go

As New Years hits we are presented with a bittersweet moment where we reflect on things past and look forward to the future. What was in 2010 will never be again, for better or worse. A significant part of Budo is coming to grips with mortality and learning how to make decisions, and once made moving forward strongly and bravely so as to better [...]