The TKD Power of Vook

There’s a company that’s been on my radar for awhile called Vook. Vook is an ebook and app focused group that has managed to take the best qualities of written content and video and put them together in an attractive way. Frequent viewers of this blog know I personally utilize a lot of video and writing to get concepts across, [...]


Drum Beats in the Cherry Blossoms

When you think of Philadelphia, your mind is not instantly transported to scenes of natural beauty. In fact, the city is pretty rough. But just on the outskirts of town lies Fairmount Park, an unusual escape that features some of the finest Cherry Blossoms on the East Coast. Every year a Cherry Blossom Festival is held in Fairmount, with the [...]


Capturing a Moment of Simplicity

Monday was suspiciously nice outside. For those of us in the Northeastern U.S., warm weather has only visited once or twice in the last five months. Therefore, it was with great trepidation that I took a step outside in order to get the mail a block away. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be t-shirt weather, with a slight breeze and [...]


Tools of the Sensei

One of my instructors, Ann-Marie Heilman, has a rather intense day job. She has to guide children with autism and other special needs in a classroom environment. As you might suspect, her job entails slower lessons, more attention per student, and emotional understanding. But it also comes with random bouts of violence and sporadic launching [...]