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Reader Week Coming Monday

This is just a quick post informing everyone that “Reader Week” will be starting monday (November 14th). I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone who submitted an article. I will be making my selections over the weekend for which articles will appear. The goal will be to get a diverse selection of both experience level and [...]

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The Convocation of Combat Arts

Awhile ago I got involved with something called The Convocation of Combat Arts.  This was a forum for martial arts blogs and their readers.  The thing I liked about it was the mature approach that all the participants took to discussion.  There was no childish name calling, trolling, newbie bashing, or any of that nonsense that you experience [...]

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Welcome to!

Welcome to Ikigai, Blogging the Martial Way! This is a website created by Matthew Apsokardu. The point of this blog will be to offer a unique perspective on the martial arts. We are all at a very interesting time in martial arts history right now. Different styles are polarizing away from each other, yet other styles are being created and [...]