Layers of Bunkai (with Pinan Shodan Example)

I talked about the following concept once before in a previous article but I wanted to re-approach it from a video angle. When thinking about bunkai, there are many different ways you can dig deeper into the heart of your kata. As a beginner, it is enough to show that you can move your body with proper technique. If you can then use the movements [...]


Thinking By Year, Training By Day

Perspective is important. If you think about it one way, I’ve been involved in the martial arts for a long time (14 years). I’ve been doing kata for longer than I’ve been driving. If you think about it another way, I’m a karate baby. Bill Hayes knew twice as much as I do now 30 years ago. Sadness and depression for [...]


The Judge Decrees!

Hey everyone. I’m currently working on a little project for the site, so I thought I’d do a short post here outside my normal rigamarole. Let’s pretend, just for a moment, that you’ve found yourself on the wrong side of the law. You’re a troublemaker, a scoundrel, and it’s finally caught up to you. Now you [...]


Gojushiho Kata Step-Toss Bunkai

I’d like to share a video this week that explores a portion of the Gojushiho kata. Many karate styles share this kata, which makes exploring the different versions very interesting and impactful. Despite their performance differences, most styles include a section wherein the practitioner steps in a kosa dachi fashion, performs a grabbing [...]


Bring Your Deepest Concerns

Have you ever been brought to a standstill during your training by worry and doubt? Have you ever thought to yourself “ohh no, I’ve found a serious flaw in my system! I think I’d better just keep my mouth shut.” Or perhaps, “I just don’t think this stuff is going to work for me.” If you have, don’t [...]