Kata (The Film) Giveaway! Now-1/25/14

Douglas Proce, martial artist and filmmaker, has decided to take on a unique project. He wants to interview and film a variety of traditional martial arts instructors (karate primarily) and ask some of the most pressing questions on the value of kata. His inquiries will include: What is the purpose of Kata? If a Kata takes a lifetime to master, [...]

Making Excellence a Habit

  Mediocrity, by its very definition, is what surrounds us. The world is constantly seeking a balance of order. As such, we as a species follow suit and establish an acceptable average of behavior and endeavor. That’s why excellence is so noteworthy and challenging to achieve. Of course, with the advent of TV and the internet we [...]

Training Tip: Monitor Your Self Talk

Very few people are immune to the sneaky problem of negative self talk. It’s easy to miss since it can start off small and inconsequential but eventually cascade into a full on mental road block. Let’s take a look at what self talk is, how it can become problematic, and how to avoid negative compounding. First, a definition. Self [...]

A Self Defense Guide for College Students

I have a few friends and relatives enrolled in undergraduate/graduate programs and it really got me thinking about the unique self defense environment college offers. I spent four years in a university, living both on and off campus, so I’ve had time to reflect on this. The mixture of predictable patterns, money, close quarters, and [...]