Do All Martial Artists Love Violence?

A lot of people are surprised when I tell them that I don’t get off on hurting others. They’re also skeptical when I say they don’t need to love violence to join a martial art. In conversation I never debate if martial arts are violent (they are) or if there are violent martial artists (there are). Instead I suggest that [...]


“Takishugyo” at Glen Onoko Falls

Last weekend I had the opportunity to hike the Glen Onoko Falls Trail with my GF FoxyCitrus. Onoko Falls is located in the charming little town of Jim Thorpe, named after the famous multi-talented athlete. The thing that makes this hike so special is the level of difficulty and, of course, the water. As opposed to most trails that have very [...]


Spirit Respiration

We often hear about breath control in the martial arts and how important it can be. Proper regulation of exhalation and inhalation can help a practitioner strengthen their technique, defend their body from attack, and center their mind on the objective at hand. Truly breath control is critical to becoming a skilled practitioner. Less talked [...]


Ikigai and What’s Around Us

The term ikigai generally refers to ‘that which makes life worth living’, and can be something very specific to your life. It can be a hobby, a person, or some other passion that drives and fuels you. (I wrote more about the concept here). Recently I was reminded of a sister concept that is equally important – appreciating [...]


The Organic Growth of Martial Artists

This is not a recount of personal experience, just an exercise in theory. As martial artists constantly endeavor to increase their knowledge and ability, they make internal connections that hadn’t existed years, days, or even seconds before.  Just as memories and experiences burn new pathways through the psyche, so does every moment [...]