Official Release: Tales from the Western Generation

1 May 31, 2015 Historical, Karate, Martial Arts Matthew

tales from the western generationI’m very pleased to announce the official release of “Tales from the Western Generation”! This book is a collection of over 30 interviews with some of the most senior karate practitioners in the United States. These are men and women who studied directly with the great masters of Okinawa, Japan, and early USA.

I’d like to show off what the book has to offer!

What is Tales from the Western Generation?

In 2008 I started Ikigai Way, and shortly after began pursuing interviews with martial artists that I found particularly interesting or impactful. After completing a handful of interviews I realized that there were some amazing individuals with unique stories that had a lot to share…but no avenue to share it! That’s when I decided to begin pursuing the stories of karate greats with more zeal and collect them all in one book.

“Tales” is the culmination of that effort, and breaks down like this:

Section 1 – History of how Eastern martial arts made their way to America. Prior to 1950 Judo was the most popular Eastern martial art in the United States. Despite thousands of Chinese immigrants during the gold rush era, Kung Fu remained a well maintained secret. In section 1 I explore how the importation of various Eastern martial arts affected the eventual growth of karate in the USA.

Section 2 – Interviews with the Western Generation. The crux of the book, this section features over 30 interviews with senior practitioners of various karate styles. The interview guests come from diverse backgrounds and studied with senior sensei in Japan, Okinawa, and the United States.

Section 3 – Conclusions. Using the wide context of the book, I draw certain conclusions about the past, present, and future of karate, applicable to individuals of all styles and skill levels.

Hear Stories About Great Masters Such As: ___ Interview Guests Include:
Hohan Soken
Okazaki Teruyuki
Shimabukuro Zenryo
Tsuyoshi Chitose
Odo Seikichi
Robert Trias
Kise Fusei
Oyata Seiyu
Peter Urban
Matayoshi Shinpo
Miyazato Eiichi
Shimabukuro Eizo
…and many more!
Chuck Merriman – Goju Ryu
Ed McGrath – Isshin Ryu
Maynard Miner – Shotokan
Glenn Keeney – Goju Ryu
Victor Moore – Shuri Ryu
Cathy Cline – Shotokan
James Logue – Oyata Shin Shu Ho
Bill Hayes – Shobayashi Ryu
Nicomedes Flores – Okinawa Kenpo
William Dometrich – Chito Ryu
James Coffman – Matsumura Seito
Doug Perry – Shorin Ryu Shorinkan
…and many more!


Where to Get the Book:

You can get your copy of “Tales” at the following locations:

 western generation kindle western generation paperback western generation hardcover western generation signed copy

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“Tales from the Western Generation” Facebook Share Giveaway!

0 May 5, 2015 Quizzes and Games Matthew

tales from the western generationHowdy! I know it’s been a few weeks since my last big post, and I would like to thank you for your patience. All of my creative time and effort has been going into finishing “Tales from the Western Generation” in a timely fashion – to learn more about the book, click here. Right now it looks like the book will be published on May 29th (the end of this month). Mark your calendar (or create an iphone alert or something).

To help spread the word prior to launch, I’m conducing a giveaway. It’s about as easy as giveaways get. Follow these steps:

Here’s How to Enter the Giveaway:

1. Go to

2. You’ll see a facebook post entitled “TALES GIVEAWAY”. Like and share that post with as few or as many people as you see fit.

3. That’s it! I’ll be able to gather all the names that like and share the post and select winners from that pool.


Entering the contest puts you in the drawing for all of these potential prizes:

samurai and ninja tuttle __ Samurai and Ninja: Martial Arts non-fiction.
“In Samurai and Ninja, author Antony Cummins separates myth from reality and shows why the Japanese were the greatest warriors of all time:

  • He describes the Samurai and the Ninja as they really were in earlier times when battles raged across Japan—not in later times when war became obsolete and Japanese warriors became philosophers, scholars and courtiers.
  • He describes the social context of the day and the feudal world into which the warriors were trained to fight and die for their lords.
  • He exposes the essentially brutal nature of warfare in medieval Japan.”
 enzan book  Enzan (The Far Mountain): Martial arts fiction. “Chie Miyazaki is wild and spoiled—the pampered child of a cadet line of the imperial House of Japan. When she disappears in the United States accompanied by a slick Korean boyfriend, it sets off alarm bells among people in Japan’s security apparatus.The Japanese want the problem solved quietly. They seek out Connor Burke, prize student of the master martial arts sensei Yamashita. Burke suspects that he’s being used, but he accepts the assignment out of honor for his revered sensei.”
 the ravens warrior book The Raven’s Warrior: Martial arts fiction. “The Raven’s Warrior by Vincent Pratchett is the gripping tale of a Celtic warrior who survived a battle, life as a slave and eventually finds his destiny. It is about Vincent who is badly wounded in a battle in 900 AD. He is taken by Norse warriors on a long journey to the East where he is sold into slavery. Almost dying, a Chinese monk Mah Lin and his daughter Selah nursed him back to life. Under the monk’s tutelage, Vincent is renamed Arkthar, learns the Eastern ways of medicine, science, war and philosophy.”
 scaling force rory miller Scaling Force: Self-Defense DVD. In the Scaling Force DVD, Rory Miller and Lawrence A. Kane explain and demonstrate the full range of options, from skillfully doing nothing to applying deadly force. You will learn to understand the limits of each type of force, when specific levels may be appropriate, the circumstances under which you may have to apply them, and the potential cost of your decision, legally and personally.



Bonus Subscriber Giveaway:

A few months ago I started a small subscriber list for individuals who wanted to be alerted when the book was finally published. I also promised some special chances to win a free copy of “Tales” upon its release. This is the first one of those chances! If you’d like to be entered to win a free copy of “Tales”, enter your email address in the form below. This is list is used exclusively for “Tales” publication updates and does not involve any sort of spam or off-topic messages.

formalcover angled smaller 3

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Vote on the Subtitle for “Tales from the Western Generation”!

0 April 7, 2015 Karate, Martial Arts, Quizzes and Games Matthew

We are approaching the final stages of publication for “Tales from the Western Generation“. It’s an exciting time, but also a little tense as I have to make decisions that I have been putting off. One of those decisions is which subtitle to use. The title of the book is set, but I want a subtitle that is both catchy and descriptive of the content of the book. It’s difficult to encapsulate the scope of the book in a single sentence. After all, I’m interviewing a wide array of senior karateka, discussing history of karate on Okinawa, Japan, and the U.S., and discussing the overall boom of karate as it became globalized. How does one sum that up succinctly enough for a book cover?

This is a difficult decision, but not impossible. I feel that, with a little help from you, we can come up with something that does the job. In the poll below I have included some of my favorite subtitles. I would like you to vote on whichever you think does the job best, and/or submit your own subtitle for my consideration.

NOTE: If you submit a subtitle and I opt to use it, I will send you a free copy of “Tales” upon its publication!

Please Vote Below:

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