Posted By Matthew

Welcome to New Site Partner FitnessTexter (Student Acquisition Tool)!

It’s my pleasure to announce FitnessTexter as a new partner to IkigaiWay! It’s with the support of companies like FitnessTexter that IkigaiWay can be self-sustaining and continue to offer a wide variety of content for free. If you are a dojo or fitness studio owner, read on to find out how FitnessTexter may be able to improve your client acquisitions!

What is FitnessTexter?

FitnessTexter is a slick piece of technology that allows you to create a discount or deal for your business transacted entirely through text. You create the text code and FitnessTexter creates an online system to receive texts from users, alerting you of the registration and sending the client information on your discount or deal.

It’s simple and effective. For an even better explanation, check out this short video:

How Could You Integrate FitnessTexter?

The great thing about the FitnessTexter marketing technique is that it can integrated anywhere you are advertising your school. You can place your text code on brochures, flyers, business cards…you name it. One of the best places to feature your text code is on social media banners, as demonstrated below:


As you can see, the above BJJ school is enticing potential clients with a free week pass. All the client has to do is text MAGNESS to the designated number.

What’s the Cost for This Text Tech?

The good news is that FitnessTexter is currently offering a 30 day free trial. There is no obligation to continue after the trial is concluded. The better news is that, after 30 days, you can opt to continue the service for $75 a month. If you’re seeing traction with the service, you’ll be able to subscribe confidently. It’s a no risk proposition!

Click here to visit FitnessTexter in order to learn more about the service and sign up for the free trial.