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Posted By Matthew

Welcome to New Partner “Swords of the East”!

I’m very pleased to present a new partner to IkigaiWay – “Swords of the East”!

From time to time I get the opportunity to meet owners and operators of martial arts related businesses. If the business provides a high quality and relevant service that I think would benefit my readers I discuss the possibility of a partnership with them. This is one of those occasions. “Swords of the East” is one of the most popular and expansive weapons retailers on the web. Their stock is so extensive that it would take multiple visits just to see everything they have to offer.

Let me tell you about why I welcome them as part of my site and why I think they are worth checking out.

What “Swords of the East” Has to Offer

It’s tough for me to encapsulate all the different kinds of swords SOTE has available, but here are a few of the most important and most interesting branches of the site:


Thaitsuki Nihonto Katana – The backbone of SOTE is katana, no doubt about it. The designs and styles vary widely, and the list of different makers is extensive (Paul Chen, Rittersteel, Ryumon Swords, Ten Ryu, etc etc). The quality ranges from inexpensive display pieces to high end, high carbon works of art.
Paul Chen Iaito Iaito Training Swords – Most iaido students begin their training with Iaito (unsharpened swords) rather than Shinken (sharpened swords). Iaito are specifically designed to handle repeated drawing/sheathing as well as avoid common rusting problems associated with high carbon blades.
Samurai ArmorBlack Samurai Armor Full Armor Sets – To me personally this is the most exciting offering on the site. These full Japanese armor sets are absolutely beautiful. These are not cheap replicas – they are functional, wearable, and displayable. Browse these. you won’t be disappointed.
Torino Rapier Medieval, Historical, and Fantasy Swords – If you’re a collector of creative blades these offerings are for you. The styles vary widely from military, to historical, to movie prop. Many of the blades are functional while some are purely for adornment of walls.


There’s a lot more but I thought those specific branches might interest you. While many other websites offer swords and weapons, no other resource contains the breadth of product available here. Sword enthusiasts of all budgets will find something appealing to them, from $50 show pieces to $2000 shinken.

Special Discount Code for IkigaiWay Readers

SOTE would like to extend a special offer to all readers. After you’ve selected your products enter the coupon code “OFF10NOW” (no quotations) during the checkout process for 10% off your total order.

Once again, welcome to “Swords of the East”!