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Posted By Matthew

Double Wammy: New Project and T-Shirt Giveaway

Very exciting announcements today.

First of all, the last T-Shirt Giveaway seemed to go over well. Happily another quality company has offered to sponsor a giveaway – Fibers is a T-Shirt specific site that allows for easy and fun shirt design.  So today I get to present not one but TWO giveaways, the second being attached to my newest project.

Go on…Win Some Shiiiiirts.


CONTEST #1: Link It Up

The rules of the first contest are very easy – link to ikigaiway from another part of the web. You can link to or any particular post you happened to like. The catch is, social media like Facebook and Twitter doesn't count. Your link has to appear on a blog, personal website, school site, etc (multiple entries for different links is allowed).

Here is a sample code snippet to help you along if you need it:

<a href="">IkigaiWay – Martial Arts Blog</a>

Once your link is live, click the following button to officially enter the contest:




Two email addresses will be drawn at random to choose a prize from the following shirt styles:

Click to Enlarge:

ikigaiway tshirt logofront

IkigaiWay Logo Front

ikigaiway tshirt 7fall

7 Times Falling, 8 Getting Up

ikigaiway tshirt white budo

Budo is my Ikigai (spine)

ikigaiway tshirt tree horizon

Budo is my Ikigai (horizon)



CONTEST #2: Discover Natural Karate

It's been quite some time since I've undertaken a book project, but I think you'll find this one very intriguing and useful to your studies. In fact, I'm opening up the project while it's still under development so people can provide input and gain insight into the book writing process. Check it out!

To be entered for this contest, simply go to and subscribe to the email list on that website (located right below the video in the sidebar), or use the orange RSS button at the very top of the page.

One email address from that subscription list will be selected at random to win this brand new design:

ikigaiway tshirt natural karate


That's it! Simple and straightforward. Thanks again to Fibers Custom T-Shirts and to you for your participation! This contest will run for approximately two weeks.