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Ebook Contest Winners

Hey all! I’m pleased to bring you the winners of the ebook link-out contest.

For those who may be new or unfamiliar with the site, about 2 months ago I released my first free ebook entitled The Student’s Guide to Surviving a Traditional Dojo. In addition to that release, I ran a contest for anyone who reviewed or linked into the book from their website. Those individuals who played along were placed into a randomized program and three winners were selected.

And now for your winners –

3rd Place – Sue Wharton of

She will be winning the Sheng Hua Invigorating Spirit CD!

2nd Place – Noah from

he will be winning the KD Elite Leather Focus Target!

1st Place – Robert Elias of

He will be winning the complete Macho Warrior Sparring Set!

The winners should email me at ikigai108  @ so that I can gather the proper shipping information. I’d like to send a big thank you to everyone who got involved and to everyone who has downloaded and read the book.

Keep your eyes open for the next contest!